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The Tudor Socialite: A Social Calendar of Tudor Life by Jan-Marie Knights

'A Marvel to Behold': Gold and Silver at the Court of Henry VIII by Timothy Schroder

Early Modern Court Culture by Erin Griffey

Court Politics, Culture and Literature in Scotland and England 1500-1540 by Jon Robinson

Queenship at the Renaissance Courts of Britain: Catherine of Aragon and Margaret Tudor 1503-1533 by Michelle L. Beer

Henry VIII's Court: Ambition, Betrayal and Death in Tudor England by Hooked on History


Inside the Tudor Court: Henry VIII and his Six Wives through the eyes of the Spanish Ambassador by Lauren Mackay

The Tudor Court by David Loades

Henry VIII: A European Court in England by David Starkey et al

Who's who at the Tudor Court by Victoria Sylvia Evans

Henry VIII: The King and His Court by Alison Weir

The English Court: From the Wars of the Roses to the Civil War by David Starkey et al

Elizabeth and Her Court by Kathryn Hinds

Four Years at the Court of Henry VIII: Volume 1 by Giustiniani & Brown
(2018 R)

The Elizabethan New Year's Gift Exchanges, 1559-1603 by Jane A. Lawson

Henry VIII and the Court: Art, Politics and Performance by Lipscomb & Betteridge

Emotion in the Tudor Court: Literature, History, and Early Modern Feeling by Bradley J. Irish

Intrigue and Treason: The Tudor Court 1547-1558 by David Loades

Henry VIII: The King and His Court by Alison Weir

In The Lion's Court: Power, Ambition and Sudden Death in the Reign of Henry VIII by Derek Wilson

The Reign of Elizabeth I: Court and Culture by John Guy

Age in Love: Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Court by Jacqueline Vanhoutte

The Portable Queen: Elizabeth I and the Politics of Ceremony by Mary Hill Cole

Court and Country by A. L. Rowse

The Book of the Courtier: A Historic Guide to Etiquette in the Royal Courts of Renaissance Europe by Castiglione & Hoby

Tudor Court Culture by Thomas Betteridge & Anna Riehl

Plays of Persuasion: Drama and Politics at the Court of Henry VIII by Greg Walker

Leicester and the court: Essays on Elizabethan politics by Simon Adams

Sermons at Court: Politics and Religion in Elizabethan and Jacobean Preaching by Peter McCullough

Behind the Throne: A Domestic History of the British Royal Household by Adrian Tinniswood