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The Cecils

New & Upcoming Releases

The Pedigree of William Cecil, Lord Burghley: From Documents to Genetic Genealogy by David C Cissell

The Second Cecil: the Rise to Power, 1563-1604 of Sir Robert Cecil: Later First Earl of Salisbury
(2021 R)

Biographies & General

The Cecils: Privilege and Power Behind the Throne by David Loades

Burghley: William Cecil at the Court of Elizabeth I by Stephen Alford

The Great Lord Burghley: A Study in Elizabethan Statecraft by Martin A S Hume (2016 R)

Burghley: William Cecil, Lord Burghley (Profiles in Power) by Michael A. R. Graves

Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury by Alan Haynes

To Queen Elizabeth Against Being Engross'd by Any Particular Favourite by William Cecil

The Cecils of Hatfield House by David Cecil

The Cecil Family Collects: Four Centuries of Decorative Arts from Burghley House by O. R. Impey

Life at Burghley: Restoring One of England's Great Houses by Victoria Leatham

Governing by Virtue: Lord Burghley and the Management of Elizabethan England by Norman Jones

Patronage, Culture and Power: The Early Cecils by Pauline Croft

The Letters of Lord Burghley, William Cecil, to His Son by William Acres

William Cecil, Ireland, and the Tudor State by Christopher Maginn

The Early Elizabethan Polity: Cecil and the Succession Crisis 1558-1569 by Stephen Alford

The Secret Correspondence of Sir Robert Cecil and James VI by Robert Cecil Salisbury