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Sir Walter Raleigh

New & Upcoming Releases

Raleigh: Tudor Adventurer (Book 3 of The Elizabethan Novel Series)

That Great Lucifer: A Portrait of Sir Walter Ralegh by Margaret Irwin
(2020 R)

The Two Walter Raleighs: Famous Father, Rebellious Son and a Shared Tragedy by Fred B. Tromly

Patriot or Traitor: The Life and Death of Sir Walter Ralegh by Anna Beer
(2020 R)

Walter Ralegh: Architect of Empire by Alan Gallay

A Woman of Noble Wit (Novel: Life of Raleigh's mother) by Rosemary Griggs

Biographies & General

Sir Walter Raleigh: A True and Vivid Account by Raleigh Trevelyan

Sir Walter Raleigh by Sir James Rennell Rodd

The Lost Rocks: The Dare Stones and the Unsolved Mystery of Sir Walter Raleigh's Lost Colony by David La Vere

The Last Elizabethan: A Portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh by Constance Heaven

Letters Of Sir Walter Ralegh by Agnes Latham & Joyce Youings

Sir Walter Raleigh: English Explorer and Author by Susan Korman
(2001 R)

Sir Walter Ralegh and the Quest for El Dorado by Marc Aronson

Sir Walter Ralegh: The Renaissance Man and His Roles by Stephen J. Greenblatt

Sir Walter Ralegh by Robert Lacey

Walter Ralegh's "History of the World" and the Historical Culture of the Late Renaissance by Nicholas Popper

Life of Sir Walter Raleigh by Louise Creighton

Sir Walter Raleigh: In Life and Legend by Mark Nicholls & Penry Williams

Sir Walter Raleigh in Ireland by John Sir
(2016 R)

The tryal of Sir Walter Raleigh Kt. With his speech on the scaffold
(2010 R)(

Afloat and Ashore with Sir Walter Raleigh by Janet Gordon & Jim Gravelyn
(2020 R)

Sir Walter Raleigh and the Age of Discovery by Andrew Sinclair

A Brief Biography of Sir Walter Raleigh by Charles F. Horne
(2012 R)

Privateering and Colonization in the Reign of Elizabeth I: Raleigh in Exeter by Joyce Youings


The Poems of Sir Walter Raleigh Collected and Authenticated by J. Hannah

The Poetry of Sir Walter Raleigh by Sir Walter Raleigh

The Discovery of Guiana: With Related Documents by Walter Ralegh & Benjamin Schmidt

Delphi Complete Poetical Works of Sir Walter Raleigh (Illustrated) by Sir Walter Raleigh

An Abridgment Of Sir Walter Raleigh's History Of The World: In Five Books (1698) by Walter Raleigh
(2010 R)

Sir Walter Raleigh, Selections From his Historie of the World, his Letters, etc by Grace Eleanor Hadow & Walter Raleigh
(2016 R)

Treasure, Treason and the Tower: El Dorado and the Murder of Sir Walter by Paul R. Sellin

Sir Walter Ralegh by William Stebbing
(2020 R)

Sunk Down Among the People: The Story of the Descendants of Sir Walter Raleigh


My Just Desire: The Life of Bess Raleigh, Wife to Sir Walter by Anna Beer

Sir Walter Raleigh: A life told in eleven stories by John Buchan

Here Was a Man by Norah Lofts