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New & Upcoming Releases

Tudor Rebellions (Seminar Studies) by Diarmaid MacCulloch

The Commotion Time: Tudor Rebellion in the West, 1549 by E.T. Fox

Rebellion & Disorder under The Tudors

Shakespeare and the Resistance: Earl of Southampton, Essex Rebellion, Poems that Challenged Tudor Tyranny by Clare Asquith

Essex: Tudor Rebel (A Novel) by Tony Riches

A Murderous Midsummer: The Western Rising of 1549 by Mark Stoyle


The 1549 Rebellions and the Making of Early Modern England by Andy Wood

War, Taxation and Rebellion in Early Tudor England by G. W. Bernard

The Northern Rebellion of 1569: Faith, Politics and Protest in Elizabethan England by K. Kesselring

Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger & Wyatt's Rebellion by James D. Taylor

Robert Kett and the Norfolk Rebellion by Michael Chandler

Kett's Rebellion: The Norfolk Rising of 1549 by Stephen K Land

Tyrone's Rebellion: The Outbreak of the Nine Years War in Tudor Ireland by Hiram Morgan

The Nine Years War 1593-1603: O'Neill, Mountjoy and the Military Revolution by James O'Neill

Pilgrimage of Grace

The Pilgrimage of Grace: The Rebellion That Shook Henry VIII's Throne by Geoffrey Moorhouse

The Pilgrimage of Grace and the Politics of the 1530s by R. W. Hoyle

The Pilgrimage of Grace and the Exeter Conspiracy by Dodds Madeleine Hope
(2013 R)

Insurrection: Henry VIII, Cromwell, & the Pilgrimage of Grace by Susan Loughlin

Sisters of Arden: on the Pilgrimage of Grace (A Novel) by Judith Arnopp

Durham and the Pilgrimage of Grace by Michael Bush