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King James VI & I

New & Upcoming Releases

James VI and I: Collected Essays by Jenny Wormald

Art & Court of James VI&I: Bright Star of the North by Kate Anderson

Emma and the King: The King's Feast Novel Series by William D. Bramlett

Biographies & General

Rebellion: Britain's First Stuart Kings, 1567-1642 Illustrated Edition, Kindle Edition by Tim Harris

The Cradle King: The Life of James VI and I by Alan Stewart

Letters of Queen Elizabeth and King James VI of Scotland by John Bruce
(2018 R)

King James I: A Life From Beginning to End by Hourly History

James I: Scotland's King of England by John Matusiak

The King's Assassin: The Secret Plot to Murder King James by Benjamin Woolley

Majestie: The King Behind the King James Bible by David Teems

King James by Pauline Croft

King James VI of Scotland & I of England by Bryan Beavan

After Elizabeth: The Rise of James of Scotland by Leanda de Lisle

James VI and I: King of Great Britain (Cambridge Topics) by Irene Carrier

The Murder of King James I by Alastair Bellany & Thomas Cogswell

1603: Death of Elizabeth I, the Black Plague, Shakespeare, Piracy, Witchcraft, Stuart Era by Christopher Lee

Papers Relative to the Marriage of King James VI of Scotland With Anna of Denmark

Scotland's last royal wedding: The marriage of James VI and Anne of Denmark by David Stevenson

King James VI and I: Selected Writings by Neil Rhodes & Jennifer Richards


The King's Witch (The King's Witch Trilogy Book 1) by Tracy Borman

The Devil's Slave: A Novel (The King's Witch Trilogy Book 2) by Tracy Borman

Fallen Angel: A Novel (The King's Witch Trilogy Book 3) by Tracy Borman

The Danish Queen Kindle by Lynda M. Andrews