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Essays Paperback by Francis Bacon

The Mystical Foundations of Francis Bacon's Science by Branco & Araujo


The Winding Stair: Francis Bacon, His Rise and Fall by Daphne du Maurier

Francis Bacon: The Double-Edged Life of the Philosopher and Statesman by Robert P. Ellis

Hostage to Fortune: The Troubled Life of Francis Bacon by Lisa Jardine

Francis Bacon: Philosopher of Industrial Science by Benjamin Farrington

Knowledge is Power: How Magic, the Government and an Apocalyptic Vision Inspired Francis Bacon by John Henry


Essays of Francis Bacon by Sir Francis Bacon

The New Atlantis by Sir Francis Bacon

New Atlantis and The Great Instauration by Francis Bacon & Jerry Weinberger

The Geographic Mysteries of Sir Francis Bacon by Bradbury Lindahl

The Collected Works of Sir Francis Bacon by Sir Francis Bacon

The Proficience and Advancement of Learning by Sir Francis Bacon

The Works Of Francis Bacon: The Letters And The Life by Francis Bacon & William Rawley

History Of Life And Death by Francis Bacon


Murder by Misrule (A Francis Bacon Mystery Book 1) by Anna Castle

Death by Disputation (A Francis Bacon Mystery Book 2) by Anna Castle

The Widows Guild (A Francis Bacon Mystery Book 3) by Anna Castle

Publish and Perish (A Francis Bacon Mystery Book 4) by Anna Castle

Let Slip the Dogs (A Francis Bacon Mystery Book 5) by Anna Castle

The Spymaster's Brother (A Francis Bacon Mystery Book 6) by Anna Castle

Now and Then Stab (A Francis Bacon Mystery Book 7) by Anna Castle

Lock Up Honesty (A Francis Bacon Mystery Book 8) by Anna Castle