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Cardinal Wolsey

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Cardinal Wolsey: For King and Country by Phil Roberts

Biographies & General

Wolsey: The Life of King Henry VIII's Cardinal by John Matusiak

Cardinal Wolsey by Mandell Creighton

The King's Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey by Peter Gwyn

The life of Cardinal Wolsey by George Cavendish
(2018 R)

Naked to Mine Enemies, The Life of Cardinal Wolsey by Charles W. Ferguson

Cardinal Wolsey: A Students' Guide by John Guy

Cardinal Wolsey: Church, State and Art by S. J. Gunn

From Princes to Pages: The Literary Lives of Cardinal Wolsey, Tudor England's Other King by Gavin E. Schwartz-leeper

The Life And Death Of Thomas Wolsey: His Aspiring, Triumph, And Death by Thomas Storer
(2010 R)

Remembering Wolsey: A History of Commemorations and Representations by J. Patrick Hornbeck II

Cardinal Wolsey: A Life in Renaissance Europe by Stella Fletcher

Tudor Victims of the Reformation by Lynda Telford


Master Wolsey: The Thomas Wolsey Trilogy (Book 1) by Laura Dowers

Power & Glory: The Thomas Wolsey Trilogy (Book 2) by Laura Dowers

Forsaken: The Thomas Wolsey Trilogy (Book 3) by Laura Dowers

Justice For The Cardinal: Thomas Cromwell is out for revenge by David Field

The Cardinal's Court: A Hugh Mac Egan Mystery by Cora Harrison