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The King's Painter: The Life and Times of Hans Holbein by Franny Moyle

Holbein: Capturing Character by Woollett, Mackelaite, McQuillen

The Tudors: Art and Majesty in Renaissance England by Cleland, Eaker, Wieseman, Bochicchio

Hans Holbein: The Artist in a Changing World by Jeanne Nuechterlein

Painting for a Living in Tudor and Early Stuart England by Robert Tittler

Hans Holbein: His Life and Works in 500 Images by Rosalind Ormiston

Women Artists in the Early Modern Courts of Europe c.1450-1700


Tudor & Jacobean Portraits by Charlotte Bolland

Henry VIII and the Art of Majesty: Tapestries at the Tudor Court by Thomas P. Campbell

Tudors to Windsors: British Royal Portraits by David Cannadine

A Guide to Tudor and Jacobean Portraits by Tarnya Cooper

The Elizabethan Image: An Introduction to English Portraiture by Roy Strong
(2021 R)

Artists of the Tudor Court: The Portrait Miniature Rediscovered 1520-1620 by Roy C. Strong

Henry VIII Revealed: Holbein's Portrait and Its Legcy by Xanthe Brooke

Henry VIII: Images of a Tudor King by Lloyd, Thurley

The Feminine Dynamic in English Art 1485-1603: Women as Consumers, Patrons and Painters by Susan E. James

The Cult of Elizabeth: Elizabethan Portraiture and Pageantry by Roy Strong

Henry VIII and the Court: Art, Politics and Performance by Lipscomb & Betteridge

Hans Holbein: Portrait of an Unknown Man by Derek Wilson

Nicholas Hilliard: The Arte of Limning by Nicholas Hilliard & Ronald K. Thornton

The Renaissance for Kids through the Lives of its Artists, Tyrants, Scientists, and Saints by Fet & Shuster

Dynasties: Painting in Tudor and Jacobean England 1530-1630 by Karen Hearn

Citizen Portrait: Portrait Painting and the Urban Elite by Tarnya Cooper

Nicholas Hilliard: Life of an Artist by Elizabeth Goldring

Catalogue of Paintings in the Collection of the Society of Antiquaries of London by Franklin, Nurse, Tudor-Craig