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New & Upcoming Releases

The Gentlewoman Spy (Kit Scarlett Mysteries Book 1) by Adele Jordan

The Royal Assassin (Kit Scarlett Mysteries Book 2) by Adele Jordan

Men of Bone (Thomas Berrington Tudor Mystery) by David Penny

A Death of Promise (Thomas Berrington Tudor Mystery Book 2) by David Penny

The Anne Boleyn Cypher (The Timeless Falcon Dual Timeline Series Book 1) by Phillipa Vincent-Connolly


Dark Queen Rising (A Margaret Beaufort Mystery 1) by Paul Doherty

Dark Queen Waiting (A Margaret Beaufort Mystery 2) by Paul Doherty

Shadow of the Tower (The Queen's Intelligencer Book 2) by Peter Tonkin

Shadow of the Axe (The Queen's Intelligencer Book 1) by Peter Tonkin

Murder in the Queen's Wardrobe by Kathy Lynn Emerson

The Falcons of Fire and Ice by Karen Maitland

The Marquess House Saga

The Catherine Howard Conspiracy (Book 1) by Alexandra Walsh

The Elizabeth Tudor Conspiracy (Book 2) by Alexandra Walsh

The Arbella Stuart Conspiracy (Book 3: The Marquess House Saga) by Alexandra Walsh

The Jane Seymour Conspiracy: (Book 4) by Alexandra Walsh

The Weeping Lady Conspiracy (A Marquess House Saga Short Story) by Alexandra Walsh

The Elizabethan Mysteries

Murder at Hatfield House (Book 1) by Amanda Carmack

Murder at Westminster Abbey (Book 2) by Amanda Carmack

Murder in the Queen's Garden (Book 3) by Amanda Carmack

Murder at the Queen's Masquerade (Book 4) by Amanda Carmack

Murder at Whitehall (Book 5) by Amanda Carmack

Murder at Fontainebleau (Book 6) by Amanda Carmack

Ursula Blanchard Mysteries

To Shield the Queen (Book 1)

The Doublet Affair (Book 2)

Queen's Ransom (Book 3)

To Ruin a Queen (Book 4)

Queen of Ambition (Book 5)

A Pawn for a Queen (Book 6)

The Fugitive Queen (Book 7)

The Siren Queen (Book 8)

Queen Without a Crown (Book 9)

Queen's Bounty (Book 10)

Rescue for a Queen (Book 11)

Traitor's Tears (Book 12)

Perilous Alliance (Book 13)

Heretic's Creed (Book 14)

Deadly Betrothal (Book 15)

The Reluctant Assassin (Book 16)

A Web of Silk (Book 17)

The Scent of Danger (Book 18)

Forests of Secrets (Book 19)

Shadow of Spain (Book 20)

Golden Cargoes (Book 21)

Bianca Goddard Mysteries

The Alchemist's Daughter (Book 1) by Mary Lawrence

Death of an Alchemist (Book 2) by Mary Lawrence

Death at St. Vedast (Book 3) by Mary Lawrence

The Alchemist of Lost Souls (Book 4) by Mary Lawrence

The Lost Boys of London (Book 4) by Mary Lawrence