Derek Wilson

New & Upcoming Releases

The Cromwell Enigma: A Tudor Mystery Novel

Elizabethan Society: High and Low Life 1558-1603

History Books

The Queen and the Heretic: How two women changed the religion of England

Superstition and Science: Mystics, sceptics, truth-seekers and charlatans

Mrs Luther and Her Sisters: Women in the Reformation

In the Lion's Court: Power, Ambition, and Sudden Death in the Reign of Henry VIII

Hans Holbein: Portrait of an Unknown Man

Out of the Storm: The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther

Sir Francis Walsingham: Courtier in an Age of Terror

The Uncrowned Kings of England: The Black Legend of the Dudleys

A Brief History of Henry VIII: Reformer and Tyrant

A Brief History of the English Reformation

The Plantagenet Chronicles 1154-1485

Tudor England (Shire Living Histories)

The World Encompassed: Drake's Great Voyage 1577-1580

Tower of London by Derek Wilson

Reformations: A Radical Interpretation of Christianity and the World 1500-2000

Sweet Robin: A Biography of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester 1533-1588