David Loades

New & Upcoming Releases

Letters from the Mary Rose by David Loades & C.S. Knighton

John Foxe (Routledge Revivals)

The Navy of Edward VI and Mary I by David Loades & C.S. Knighton

Elizabethan Naval Administration by David Loades & C.S. Knighton

History Books

Catherine Howard: The Adulterous Wife of Henry VIII

The Seymours of Wolf Hall: A Tudor Family Story

The Tudor Navy: An Administrative, Political and Military History

The Church of Mary Tudor by Eamon Duffy edited by David Loades

The Life and Career of William Paulet (c.1475-1572)

The Religious Culture of Marian England (Religious Cultures in the Early Modern World)

Jane Seymour: Henry VIII's Favourite Wife

The Kings & Queens of England: The Biography

Thomas Cromwell: Servant to Henry VIII

The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Mary Rose: Tudor Princess, Queen of France, the Extraordinary Life of Henry VIII's Sister

Henry VIII

The Boleyns: The Rise & Fall of a Tudor Family

Mary Tudor

The Tudors: History of a Dynasty

The Tudors For Dummies

The Tudor Queens of England

The Fighting Tudors

The Making of the Elizabethan Navy 1540-1590: From the Solent to the Armada

The Cecils: Privilege and Power Behind the Throne

Elizabeth I: A Life

Mary Tudor: The Tragical History of the First Queen of England

Intrigue and Treason: The Tudor Court 1547-1558

Kings and Queens: A Source Book

England's Maritime Empire: Seapower, Commerce and Policy, 1490-1690

The Tudor Court by David Loades

Tudor Government by David Loades

Politics and Nation: England 1450-1660

Power in Tudor England

Revolution in Religion: The English Reformation 1530-1570